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Pay as you want coaching - an SME offering

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

At a time like this I truly believe that we are all in this together and life is hard. One of the common phrases that I have been hearing was "I never thought our generation would face such a pandemic, and yes it is indeed tough times. And if staying home and worrying about the safety of ourselves, our loved ones and the general population was not enough we must also worry about the financial well-being or our companies if we are entrepreneurs and ensure that once all this is done we still have our companies to run and develop.

The truth is as an executive coach I feel a serge of responsibility to do my part and those that know me well would not be shocked at what I am offering today.

My objective:

- Is to see entrepreneurs fight a good fight and continue to build their businesses even during those difficult times

My offering:

- 3 coaching sessions to the next 5 business owners that email me.


- You can pay what you want with the a minimum charge of 100 AED per session


- You have to be an SME of 5 people or less

- Really want to take advantage of such an offer and make the best if this experience

What's the catch?

There is no catch. Just really want to do my part and get to know you better.

Why isn't it for free?

Unfortunately people never take free things seriously and this is a token cost that hold us both accountable to our part of this short coaching journey.

When will his offer expire?

I'm opening this offer as long as we are in quarantine time and in lockdown. I will take one 5 new clients every month we are still in lockdown. Of course once we are allowed to go back to business we will still continue with our commitment until we complete the sessions.

What next?

Go to the contact us section and in the subject headline state re: Pay as you want initiative.

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