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Developing and working with leaders that companies want to hire and people love to follow


Hi. I’m Toleen, Dubai based ICF-PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Executive Coach, Professional coach and Organizational development consultant.  I provide programs for working professionals stemming from C-level, executives, leaders and their team who want to increase their performance and develop their career and unlock their potential. 


I run the Executive Monk and I am passionate about helping executives become the best leaders they can be. The sort of leaders that companies love to hire, and people love to follow.  It is essential that are fulfilled, both professionally and personally. Although there are many ideals to  follow we  embrace the ideals of an executive monk.

But I am not all about the business I work with individuals on their own personal development because lets face it you are the core engine of your life if we develop  that then all other areas of your life begin to operate in the way that you envisioned them to be.

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You're Unique. So is my approach

We’re all unique. And that’s the first step to realising results. It starts with understanding your unique bottlenecks - things holding you back from being who you want to be. And then removing these barriers to unlock awareness and acumen. 

From person to organization

What’s the most impactful way of changing organisational culture? By starting at the top and cascading positive change through the organisation. That’s why we work with leaders to create a steward mentality where they look out for their people. Change starts at an individual level, and amplifies to benefit the entire organisation. 

  • Self Awareness & Executive Presence  

  • Eliminating self-limiting beliefs and roadblocks

  • Preparing you for your next career transition

  • Professional + personal fulfillment

  • Overcome mental blocks

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs

  • Higher Emotional Intelligence & adopting a growth mindset

  • Leadership development

For Executives

  • Employee Engagement

  • Improved performance

  • Higher collective intelligence

  • Increased productivity

  • 7 times ROI

  • Invest in rising stars

  • Support those that you need to elevate their performance 

  • Eliminate silos

  • Ownership & Accountability

  • Create a learning & development culture

For Organizations

The Impact we create

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What if we told you great leaders are made, not born?

Let’s start unlocking your true leadership potential!


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Tel: +971-50-317-5873



P.O. Box 117840, 
Dubai, UAE

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