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Collective Intelligence

Another Arabic interview with the esteemed Cyba Audi of Bloomberg Asharq morning show “Alsabah with Cyba.”

Our discussion today was on the subject of collective intelligence. What it is and how to cultivate it within a team.

Collective intelligence is the level of intelligence that a team operates on as a unit. Although the individual’s intelligence might be average, high or on par with his team members the intelligence of the group depending on how the group collaborates, make decisions and act on these decisions might be significantly lower.

Collective Intelligence is not something that can be individually created. It is dependent on the diversity of the team but also on the level of connectedness and psychological safety within the team members. For a team to elevate their intelligence as a team trust, accountability and connectedness must exist as they are the components that build psychological safety.

Leaders play an important role in this development as they influence and encourage curiosity, collaboration and synergy between team members.

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