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What is an Executive Monk Anyway? 

Traditionally, we’ve been taught to separate work goals from personal goals. We’ve been told that to focus on one is to give up on the other. 


There’s a better way. A more holistic way. At the Executive Monk, we resolve the clash between the personal and the professional. We bring the both together to create a can-do attitude that works for you. And because it works for you, it benefits your firm too. We help you eliminate mental blocks and limiting beliefs, making you a leader who is respected and can get results. 


When you’re a steward, a leader, a protector of values, you’re an executive monk. When you combine happiness and fulfilment  with a desire for action, you’re an executive monk. When you nurture and yet demand performance; when you pull people up instead of pushing them, you’re an executive monk. 


Once change starts with you, it then cascades through your organisation, creating its own momentum, and amplifying results. That’s how we all move out of the corporate jungle, and into an oasis of calm and mutual success. 


I should know. In an earlier life, I was part of the corporate world, working at the highest levels of strategic marketing, brand management and research. I felt that the antagonism and the tension between the personal and professional was holding  executives back. It held me back too. While I achieved, I wasn’t fulfilled. That unhappiness created negative behaviours that sabotaged further development. 


That was a long time ago. But my professional experience means that I know first-hand the challenges executives face. And I also understand, very clearly, the pressure that organisations are under to perform, to retain star talent and to generate returns. That’s why, at the Executive Monk, can help with both sides of the picture.


Now that we understand each other, let’s begin creating positive change. 

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